W. H. Blakemore & Co., Mortgage Broker, est 1970 based in Sydney, was established by its current proprietor, W. H. Blakemore. Mr Blakemore was previously in the stock broking industry and prior to that attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sydney University majoring in History and Economics in 1965.

The aim of the mortgage broking firm was then, as now, to provide principally for residents of Sydney and New South Wales the opportunity of investing in sound mortgage proposals at attractive rates at the smaller end of the market.


The firm’s other
purpose is to provide borrowers seeking to purchase or refinance real estate,
with an alternative source from the banks, particularly for investment in
residential and smaller commercial and industrial properties. Although the
criteria for both lenders and borrowers is conservative, the firm does provide
funding for real estate investments outside the normal banking criteria.


The intention is to provide alternative funding outside the banking arena with less paper work, lower valuation costs, fast settlements, low brokerage fees and minimum break costs.

Our aim is to be a reliable non-bank mortgage lending alternative.

Understandably, a lot has happened in the mortgage industry in the last forty years. It is now dominated by myriads of latter-day mortgage brokers and franchisees, essentially laundering bank funding with all the red tape that involves together with associated, often hidden, fees. These operators mostly concentrate on home loans. cart3

W. H. Blakemore & Co. specialises in residential investment and small commercial loans outside The Consumer Credit Act.

As a boutique operation, we consider ourselves to be highly competitive on interest rates and terms and conditions. Our sources include private super funds, companies, churches and charities, private investors and retirees.

We offer interest only fixed loans up to 70 percent. LVR in the range $100,000 to $2 million.

Because our lenders are non-bank sources, we can consider special use properties such as ten-pin bowling alleys, car washes, boarding houses, company title, beach shacks, studio apartments, vacant land (lots) and country towns Sydney / New South Wales.

W. H. Blakemore, the proprietor, is currently a member of the FBAA membership No: 2839 and FOS No 15133.